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"Corporate" Blog of Daniele Muscetta, Premier Field Engineer.

Probably my last post here…

No, I am not leaving the company. It’s just that I have been busy with *real* work (as opposed to blogging), busy with family, with a million of other things. In fact you can see that I have not written here in a while.

Not having written for a while, and writing now with this “title” of this one being the last post are results of the following issue: I am not into product teams, so I am not “authoritative” on anything really. Due to this, and due to my nature of enthousiast of many things (as opposed to specialized in a few), I have been increasingly afraid of being misunderstood, of possibly having my own personal thoughts confused for “official” statements when written here….

So I started using more and more again my personal blog at

At that point, I started being relaxed again about blogging, and actually writing my mind in it. Which is how it is supposed to be, IMHO. So I will keep writing there, and you can follow me up there, if you like. That said, in case you actually are one of my 5 readers. Thanks  🙂