Could not find stored procedure ‘proc_ar_BumpCacheInvalidationCounter’

If you have a MOSS 2007 Standard Edition environment and you run a full Profile Import (either scheduled or manual) you can get the following message in the event log: Error messages 7888 – "System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Could not find stored procedure ‘proc_ar_BumpCacheInvalidationCounter’." This is a known issue, the missing stored procedure is part of the BDC…


Access Denied when accessing local sites/webservices

Microsoft released MS09-014 and .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 which closed a vulnerability in NTLM authentication. If you’re browsing to your own machine, and the URL you’re browsing to doesn’t match the machine name, then NTLM authentication will fail. This affects calls to web sites and web services. Possible solutions here:   From Larry Kuhn’s…


How to expand InputFormTextBox

If you need to expand InputFormTextBox control and CssClass property seems to be not working, continue reading this post. I’ve created an application page and I used an InputFormTextBox control to give users the possibility to write some html content. This is the code I used: <wssawc:InputFormTextBox Title=”My Field” ID=”myField” Rows=”15″ Runat=”server” TextMode=”MultiLine” RichText=”true” RichTextMode=”FullHtml”/>…


New release: SPDisposeCheck v1.3.1

A must-have for each Sharepoint developer. More info are available at Paul Andrew’s blog:


How to hide content type choice control in edit forms

If you want the edit form of a particular list to don’t show some field, you can change the ContentType definition by setting ShowInEditForm=”FALSE” in corresponding FieldRef element. If you want to do the same with Content Type field, the above hint simply don’t work. To make it working you have to modify the rendering…


User Information Page (Userdisp.aspx vs person.aspx)

I hope with this post to clarify why in Sharepoint the User Information Page is rendered sometimes with userdisp.aspx and sometimes with person.aspx. In WSS, when you click on a profile link you are redirected to the User Information Page used by WSS to display WSS profile informations, this page is userdisp.aspx and is located…


How to show Attachments with DataFormWebPart

If you are using DataFormWebPart and you need to add the list of attachments to the output you have to modify the XSLT to use the AttachmentsField control. If you simply use   <xsl:value-of select=”@Attachments”/> the result displayed will be a boolean (Yes/No) value. If you want to display the list of attachments with corresponding links…


Plan for Global My Sites and User Profiles

[Updated on 2009-10-11 to include link to User Profile Replication Engine]  If you have multiple farms (or simply one farm with two or more SSPs) and you want to set-up User Profiles and My Sites that are shared between SSPs, this post is for you. Introduction and Sample Scenario Let me describe a sample scenario…


Unified Search Experience with MOSS

I’d like to summarize all configurations needed to obtain a Unified Search Experience for end users, obviously with MOSS as Enterprise Search Engine J. With “Unified Search Experience” I mean the possibility to search for enterprise content not only from the Search Intranet Portal but also from client applications like Office Applications, Windows Search and…


Rilasciato il Microsoft SharePoint Administration Toolkit 1.0

Il 30 Aprile è stato rilasciato il Microsoft SharePoint Administration Toolkit 1.0, un toolkit destinato agli amministratori di una farm SharePoint che fornisce loro due strumenti aggiuntivi: Batch Site ManagerFeature accessibile dalla pagina Application Management della Central Administration che permetterà di gestire e amministrare operazioni multiple inerenti la cancellazione, lo spostamento e il blocco (lock)…