Errors occurred during TFS2005 installation and after TFS2005 SP1 installation

When we try to install TFS2005 for the first time, we normally ignore the port settings which TFS installation require for TFS website, Sharepoint site administrator.

TFS website gets install on default port 8080.

Sharepoint central Administrator gets install on default port 17012.

Refer to TFS install for more.

If we already have any website which is configured on port 8080, you may face problem while installing TFS.

Error which you can get:

Error :28936 (the Team Foundation Server Server Status Web service failed with 404 HTTP Not Found status).

Error: 28925 (Calling the Team Foundation Server Server Status Web service failed).

Follow the below mentioned steps, hope you will recover from these errors:

1.Check the IIS settings.

2.Check that if we are having application, which was using 8080 port. So we changed it to some other number.

3.Then try installing TFS. TFS may take port 8081 as default on the server, As on first instance it looks your other application is blocking 8080.  

   Then you may get Error: 28925 (Calling the Team Foundation Server Server Status Web service failed).

4. Change the port number of TFS websites to 8080, As TFSserverstatusValidator.exe recognize only port 8080.

5. After that try to install TFS again, everything will work fine, till you may get error Error28100.

6. This Error comes as services trying to connect with port 8081( port number with which our TFS started installation) , but we change it to 8080   in above step.

7. So change the port on TFS websites to 8081 again.

Everything should go fine after this, TFS installation done successfully.

Remember to set default port settings for websites before installing TFS SP1. No need to set it for TFS website, but always required for Sharepoint central administrator site. And after installation of SP1, revert back to their original state.

After installation of TFS SP1, you may face problem while trying to connect to TFS server.

TF31002 Unable to connect to TFS.

Follow the following steps:

1. Go to IIS on server.

2. Right click on websites properties.

3. Go to Directory Security tab.

4. Click on Edit button in "IP address and domain name restrictions"

5. Check if Disable Access radio button is selected there.

6. Select Granted access.

7. Try to connect to TFS after this, everything will go fine.

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