Welcome to SharePoint Server 2019, a modern platform for choice and flexibility

SharePoint Server 2019 was introduced at SharePoint Conference North America. Using the cloud as a baseline, there are the most compelling communications and collaborative experiences to customers of SharePoint 2019, including the introduction of Communications Sites, Team News, and modern Team Sites. Also, users can get support for reliable access to their documents – anywhere,…

SharePoint Online. Why should you drag documents into a group?

Try to drag a document into a library with a view that had grouping configured, and drop it on Choice 2.  Now upload Groups.png file and your choice is automatically applied: It doesn’t work in the classic list.

Getting the best connectivity and performance in Office 365

Traditional enterprise networks are designed primarily to provide users access to applications and data hosted in company operated datacenters. A secondary use has been as a gateway for access to the Internet for communications and web browsing. Because of the large network security stack, Internet connectivity for branch offices is commonly centralized and backhauled over the customer’s wide area network (WAN).  Enterprise adoption and reliance on SaaS apps like Office 365 continues…

The SharePoint Migration Tool v2 is now Generally Available

You can download the SharePoint Migration Tool at https://aka.ms/SPMT New List support allows you to migrate SharePoint Server 2013 Lists to include the following List Templates: GenericList DocumentLibrary Survey Links Announcements Contacts Events Tasks DiscussionBoard PictureLibrary XMLForm GanttTasks Posts Comments Categories MySiteDocumentLibrary IssueTracking Improvements in the AuthN support now allow you to connect to more on-premises…

SharePoint Business Apps Spring 2018 Update

PowerApps/Flow buttons out of preview. The buttons for creating and launching PowerApps and Flow directly from libraries and lists are out of preview, and available in all commercial tenants. PowerApps now supports multivalued and taxonomy fields. PowerApps support for read / write attachments has been released. Flow launch panel is generally available. Flow for OneDrive. Building and launching custom Flows is now available from the OneDrive web interface, as it is for SharePoint libraries. Set content approval status action is now available in Flow. Using this action, you can build a custom approval process and invoke this action directly on lists or libraries requiring publishing approval. Custom forms on SharePoint lists, built with PowerApps is also generally available.

Increase in SharePoint Online storage allocation

Microsoft 365 is going to increase in the SharePoint Online per user license storage allocation. This will increase to 1 TB plus 10 GB per user license purchased, up from 1 TB plus .5 GB per user license purchased. Customers can take advantage of new team collaboration and enterprise content management experiences, while moving off on-premise servers, file shares, and 3rd party cloud offerings, as usual. This change will start rolling out on July 1, 2018 and will be completed by the end of August 2018.

SharePoint news updates in Office 365, including Microsoft Teams integration

Office 365 introduced news capabilities of  five SharePoint pages:  Create news from SharePoint home in Office 365  SharePoint news is the best way to create dynamic updates, now you can do it from the SharePoint home in Office 365:  Click ‘Create news’ – choose the space where you wish to publish your news – you’re taken directly to the news authoring canvas for that site – give it a title – add your content from an ever-expanding set of web parts.  Note: You can create news only on sites where you are a member.   Learn more about creating news from SharePoint home in Office 365.  Add pages and news articles as tabs in Microsoft Teams channels  Click the SharePoint tab – select your page or news – choose if you want to post to a channel about this tab – click Save.   Note: there will be two SharePoint-oriented tabs to choose when adding a tab, one for SharePoint Document libraries and one for SharePoint pages and news. To add a list, simply grab the URL and use the Website tab.  Post all your team news into Microsoft Teams automatically  Right-click any Microsoft Teams channel – click Connectors – add SharePoint News.   Learn more about adding SharePoint news articles to a Microsoft Teams channel.  Create and send informative email news digests  Click “See all” from the news web part – select specific news items – add people or groups on the To: line – add a simple message for context – click Send.  Learn more about how to send an email news digest from your SharePoint site.  Measure the impact and engagement of your pages and news articles   Hover over the liked section and see a list of colleagues who liked your ideas – click on comments – engage with your audience.

Use SharePoint web parts to showcase data from inside and outside Office 365

Microsoft introduced new web-parts and updates: NEW Planner – display tasks and progress from your team plans Twitter – highlight individual tweets and full feeds Office 365 Connectors – embed information from 3rd party services like Bitbucket, JIRA, and RSS Kindle Instant Preview – reference an important Kindle book with one-click to preview or buy…

SharePoint Content Services January 2018 Update

Predictive indexing and queries to allow users to work with the full 30 million item capacity of a document library without throttling large queries  Bulk metadata updates to allow upload millions of documents and manage metadata and policy in bulk without needing to update each document individually. New white paper & Sway presentation update. All of these are now available through the Content Services Resource Center here on the Tech Community, with blog posts, analyst reports, case studies and more  File move among OneDrive and SharePoint with full fidelity for version history and metadata. To move a file in OneDrive or SharePoint, select a file and the destination for it  Word SharePoint Properties Panel to allow users to directly edit metadata column values inside Word for custom library metadata  New support for Flow to automate document approval and publishing, and to enable simple review and signoff among members of a group  A new setting in the document library web part will be available soon to allow users to configure the part to optionally limit the view to a specific folder within a library 

DLP Policy Tips are now available across new endpoints in Office 365

Office 365 introduced a consistent, coherent sharing experience across the Web and desktop. These improvements allow users to share Office 365 files directly from File Explorer on PC and Finder on Mac, in addition to the latest versions of Office on the desktop and Office 365 web experiences. These improvements provide a simplified sharing experience,…