Code Snippets in MSDN Blogs

So far in this blog I've experimented with several different ways of writing code snippets. My favorite way was to use XtractPro's syntax highlighter. Unfortunately, the latest version of Telligent seems to resist my efforts by removing all the newlines from my <pre> blocks. That's why I started using Github Gists. But the problem with that is people using Google Reader cannot see the code snippets.

I'm curious what other people use to write code snippets. I'd be glad to hear any suggestions.

Comments (3)

  1. Steffen Zeidler says:

    My solution:

    I copy the code snipped from the Visual Studio C# editor and use a small program to format the RTF clipboard format to HTML.

    You can find the C# code in my blog post…/c-syntax-colorizing-in-html.html

  2. @Steffen Zeidler – Thanks, this is really useful. I have the unfortunate problem where Telligent keeps removing the whitespace from my pre tags. But I think it's easy to overcome by modifying the code to put br and nbsp in.

  3. Jayachandran.M.V says:

    windows update it allows only 98% then haung kindly helping out from this prob pl.

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