On Monday I passed my last test for MCSD – 70-315 Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.  These tests are almost as much about your test taking skills as they are about your knowledge of the subject.  About a month ago I went in, thinking that I…


Essential ASP.NET – Fritz Onion

I’m reading Fritz Onion’s book – Essential ASP.NET.  The book is terrific.  It is probably the last ASP.NET book that I will ever buy.  This book explains behind the scenes details that are not shown elsewhere.  It is also well organized and well written. 


MCSD Certification

I passed the 70-300 Exam – Solution Architecture.  The exam is too easy.  Without giving away details about the test, just trust me that it is little more than a reading comprehension test. All MCS Consultants are required to take these tests.  I pulled my “transcript” the other day.  It showed that I have taken (passed) 26 exams…


Semantic Meaning and Interrop

WRT interoperability between data and systems, perhaps the government gets it, and we in the technology industry haven’t figured it out yet? I read an interesting paper yesterday IAC Interoperability Strategy.  The report was forwarded to me by one of it’s authors, and one of the most visionary technical people that I have met in government,…


Computer Games harmful to rest of your life?

It has been several weeks since I have written anything in my BLOG.  Since then I’ve had an interesting trip to NYC to visit the counter-terrorism center.  During the 9-5 I’ve been mostly writing a marketing/vision document.  All very mundane stuff.  But at night I’m playing Battlefield 1942.  It is by far the best computer…


Full Text Searching Audio and Video Files

The most fun that I had today was playing with the Microsoft Speech SDK v 5.1 for Windows – not to be confused with the Microsoft .NET Speech SDK Beta 2.  Of course I WAS confused for aa short while because I didn’t realize at first that these are completely different.  I had assumed that…


Web Services Day 5 and interesting VTC

On Friday I finished my week long Developmentor Essential.NET class.  I played with the WS-Security and WS-Attachements (DIME) capabilities in the WSE.  Today we had VTC with Juval Lowy .  Juval showed how to use object context and intercept calls to and from an object.  This is similar in some ways to COM context, but gives you…


Cool .NET Tools

Here are a few useful .NET tools that I heard about this week: Lutz Roeder’s Reflector Anakrino  – IL to C# Decompiler Of course SysInternals has lots of great Windows tools. – Try out the debug viewer.  


Web Services Day 4

Today is day 4-of-5 of my Developmentor .NET Web Services Class.  Dan Sullivan is teaching the class to a small group of Microsoft field developers.  The course and instructor are simply awsome.  I’m strangly sad that tomorrow is the last day.  I’ve learned enough cool stuff in the first four days that I could easily spend months…


XML Schemas and SOAP

I spent the day learning the ins/outs of XML Schema and SOAP 1.1 and 1.2.  I picked up a few cool things to share *  This tool generates XSD from a document instance.  Also includes a .NET library and source to build a command line tool.  Command line tool can save XSD to file. …