Public Sector on Demand Launched

Yesterday our team launched Public Sector on Demand.  It is an exciting new subscription-based SaaS offering with (initially) six applications ranging from public records tracking to case management and student information systems.  This is an important milestone because it is our launch of hosted vertical industry solutions for government and education customers.  Public Sector on Demand offers a new alternative to traditional on premise solutions.  Customers can find the right solution for their needs and get up and running immediately.  This approach drastically lowers the barriers to getting started and will enable our Public Sector focused solutions to reach many new customers. 

The initial solution offerings are:

  • Public Records Tracker. Public Records Tracker organizes and automates the public records request process for state, local and federal government organizations that must respond to Public Records Act and Freedom of Information Act requests.
  • FastTrackGov Citizen Service Solutions. FastTrackGov is a hosted subscription-based system that provides a full suite of automated community development applications for licensing, permitting, code enforcement and inspection management.
  • Agenda Builder. The Agenda Builder on-demand solution provides organizations with electronic review and approval capability for agenda items, resulting in significant time and paper savings.
  • Constituent Manager. The Constituent Manager on-demand solution provides elected officials and their staffs with case management tools that facilitate timely responses to constituent requests.
  • Inspection Manager. The Inspection Manager on-demand offering provides organizations with a Web-based case management solution that gives field inspectors and inside office staff the tools needed to schedule and perform field inspections and manage the abatement process when violations are found and citations are issued.
  • Backpack 2008 Student Information System (SIS). Backpack is the first on-demand social student information system of its kind, designed to revolutionize SIS technology and provide the ability to centrally manage all aspects of an entire school district.

In addition to these solutions we established a community engagement site called Public Sector Idea Bank.  Public Sector Idea Bank was developed by Neighborhood America.  Neighborhood America has over ten years experience developing award-winning social networking solutions for government and industry.  Idea Bank provides a central place for Microsoft, customers and partners to collaborate around these solutions, collect feedback, and create new ideas for future on demand solutions. 

Congratulations to Carmel Hinkle, Amir Capriles, Scott Mannina on our US Public Sector Business Solutions Team.  These guys put in a tremendous amount of great work over many months to get this launched.  Also a big "Thank-You" to our partners, Eskel Porter Consulting Inc., Mitchell Humphrey, Information Strategies Inc., Metaphor Software, and Neighborhood America all of whom worked very diligently to deliver their excellent solutions.

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