Microsoft Makes CRM Live Announcements

At WPC, Microsoft announced additional details about the upcoming CRM Live (aka Dynamics Live CRM).  In case you missed it, a year ago at the 2006 WPC Steve Ballmer announced CRM Live.  CRM Live is a hosted Dynamics CRM enabling organizations to purchase CRM services on a subscription basis. 

Dynamics CRM Live is a Microsoft hosted "software as a service" offering.  Microsoft will host all of the CRM infrastructure.  Customers will not need to buy and manage the software, hardware and associated IT infrastructure.  Microsoft does all of that for you.  Customers can just sign up for a subscription and immediately start using the product.  This offering will be based on the next version of CRM, code named "Titan".  

In addition to the Dynamics CRM Live pricing and licensing details, the article also mentions the partner engagement model and announces two vertical templates.  One that is near and dear to yours truly is the Public Sector template that will ship at the end of July 2007.  More about that is forthcoming....

Dynamics Live CRM is Microsoft's opportunity to challenge  You can read what Jeff Raikes said about this in this Business Week article.   

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