Essential ASP.NET – Fritz Onion

I’m reading Fritz Onion’s book – Essential ASP.NET.  The book is terrific.  It is probably the last ASP.NET book that I will ever buy.  This book explains behind the scenes details that are not shown elsewhere.  It is also well organized and well written. 

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    Essential ASP.NET – Fritz Onion : ScottW’s ASP.NET WebLog

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    Essential ASP.NET – Fritz Onion : David Stone’s Blog

  3. Same here. I have read (and reviewed) a bunch of ASP.NET books. I recently managed to get a copy of Fritz’s book and I agree with you. It rocks and has a lot of information you won’t find anywhere else.

    The only other book I would now recommend on ASP.NET is "Developing Microsoft ASP.NET Server Controls and Components" by Nikhil Kothari and Vandana Datye.


  4. When I took the Guerrilla .NET class in August 2002, I asked if any of the instructors knew of a good book. They all recommended I wait for Fritz Onions and so far from what I’ve read it’s been well worth it. But like Scott said the Server Controls book is supposed to rock as well.