Computer Games harmful to rest of your life?

It has been several weeks since I have written anything in my BLOG.  Since then I've had an interesting trip to NYC to visit the counter-terrorism center.  During the 9-5 I've been mostly writing a marketing/vision document.  All very mundane stuff. 

But at night I'm playing Battlefield 1942.  It is by far the best computer game that I have played.  The game recreates famous WWII battles.  In it you are a soldier on either the Allied or Axis side.  You can drive tanks, fire artillery, drive subs, airplanes, or be a foot soldier, sniper etc.  Although you can play standalone, the game is meant to be played online.  Typically 30-50 people play at once.  Last night I fought on the German side of Omaha Beach and we won. 

These games are a huge waste of time, but they are addictive.

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