Paris MOSS Workshop

The Paris workshop has been going great, with an all-star team of MOSS experts supporting the ISVs in their development of leading-edge applications on the MOSS 2007 platform. For this one we have Jeff Fattic of Quilogy, Hannes DeCorte of U2U, Jimmy Löfkvist (MS-Sweden), and our host at the MTC, Guillaume Renaud (MS-France). This facility…


Munich MOSS Workshop

We’re putting on a MOSS developer workshop at the Munich MTC this week, and I’ve been too busy to blog much while we’re here. But I took a few photos today so I thought I’d share them: Dinner this evening was at Erik’s, a cool little Italian restaurant in nearby Ottenburg recommended by our host…


This isn’t your father’s Sharepoint!

I never would have expected something like this to be the first web content management system to go live on Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007! Thanks to Mark Harrison for pointing this out. As Mark points out on his blog, you can read more about the project here and here. (And if you look closely…


Web Parts: Past, Present and Future

As I learned from Patrick’s blog this week, Jan Tielens of U2U has written a comprehensive overview of Sharepoint web parts on the MSDN Belgium site entitled Web Part Platforms and Development Techniques. It’s a nice history of web-part development that explains the options for Sharepoint 2003, .NET 2.0 and Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007….


Business Data Catalog Simplified

If you’ve ever seen a demo of the cool new BDC functionality in Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007, you’ve probably come away with two conclusions: 1) It’s an incredibly powerful and flexible concept. (XML configuration files that connect Sharepoint’s search functionality to back-end databases, web services, and other types of custom applications.) 2) It looks…


Introduction to the WSS V3 Object Model

It’s been a while since Dan Winter has posted anything on his blog, but it was worth the wait. His introduction to the WSS V3 object model is full of useful hands-on info about differences between V2 and V3, and includes a great set of links to useful resources for Sharepoint developers. Dan is on…


Sharepoint’s Support for Blogs, Wikis and RSS

A new Channel 9 video today covers Sharepoint’s support for blogs, wikis, and RSS. Sharepoint PMs Tim McConnell and Renee Lo give a guided tour of the new features, and also discuss some of the thinking behind Sharepoint’s approach. Here’s the link. The blog and wiki support means that organizations using Sharepoint for collaboration don’t…


BI and Data Warehousing Webcasts

Office 2007 will deliver a wide array of new BI capabilities, especially when combined with the BI and data warehousing features of SQL Server 2005. If you’re new to BI and DW, or just new to SQL 2005, there are four info-packed TechNet webcasts coming in the weeks ahead that you’ll want to check out….


Sharepoint as a Platform

There’s some interesting info on Microsoft’s presspass site about how various developers are building on the Sharepoint platform. Learn more here. We’re seeing a lot of creative work taking place in the Sharepoint community these days, and it’s good to see some of our partners in the Office TAP program on the list.


Office 2007 Posts

I’ve recently started this MSDN blog, for covering Office 2007 separate from my personal blog. But I’ve posted a bunch of Office 2007 items on the personal blog since the first of the year, and I’d like to keep that content with this site going forward. So the following is a list of links to…