Video discussion with Brian Jones

I had a chance last week to talk to Brian Jones about the proposed dispositions to the DIS 29500 comments. We discussed the thinking behind a few typical dispositions as well as the business case for custom XML support and other Open XML topics. The video is now live on the OpenXML page on YouTube….


Voting on DIS 29500

The voting has closed on the Open XML ballot, and ISO has issued a press release that explains the outcome: The five-month ballot process ended on 2 September and was open to the IEC and ISO national member bodies from 104 countries, including 41 that are participating members of the joint ISO/IEC technical committee, JTC…


US passes motion for "Yes with comments"

The INCITS executive board in the US has passed a motion to vote “Yes with comments” on DIS 29500, Office Open XML. Voting details can be found here. “OOXML Fails to Gain Approval in US” “OOXML Approval Vote Fails in INCITS”


Breaking out of the rut

The Open XML standardization debate has been going on long enough that there are some recurring themes which we’ve all seen many times now: the list of Groklaw comments and various responses to them from Ecma, Microsoft, and others; the long list of comments from IBM, which was submitted to many technical committees in the…


INCITS Executive Board to vote on "Approval with comments"

The INCITS executive board has been meeting this week, and today they decided to issue a ballot for “Approval with comments.” They’ll reach a decision within the executive board on this proposed position by mid-August, which allows plenty of time for subsequent discussion or another vote if needed before the final US position is due…


May cooler heads prevail

I’ve blogged a bit recently about the ugly tone of some of the tactics that have been used in the document-formats debate. Now today comes welcome news of a more reasonable and level-headed approach. Datuk Dr. Mohamad Ariffin Aton, the chief executive of Sirim Bhd, which assists Malaysia’s Department of Standards in standards development processes,…


DIS ballot period for Ecma 376/DIS 29500

Ecma International has announced that they’ve heard from the JTC 1 Secretariat that Office Open XML has moved to the next phase of the ISO/IEC standards process. This phase, known as the DIS ballot period, will include detailed review of any technical questions and comments within the technical committees of all the nations involved in…


Open letter on Open XML

There’s an open letter to the community on the Microsoft interop site today that acknowledges some of the tactics that have been used to try to limit choice in document formats lately. As the letter says: When ODF was under consideration, Microsoft made no effort to slow down the process because we recognized customers’ interest…