libOPC version 0.0.1 released

The first release of libOPC, a new API for Open XML development, was published on Codeplex last week. This API is the first open-source cross-platform API for developers working with Open Packaging Convention (OPC) packages as used by Open XML, XPS, and other formats. Full source code is available, and it’s written in portable C99,…


Release V2 of Open XML document generation system

  Eric White posted yesterday release V2 of his simple Open XML document generation system, a high-performance tool for generating customized documents from any data source that can be serialized as XML. This tool is part of Eric’s ongoing series of posts on generating Open XML WordprocessingML documents. In his approach, you configure the document…


Miscellaneous links for 03/18/2009

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted, and I’ve come across several interesting blog posts and articles in that time.  Here are a few favorites … There’s some cool new content that has started appearing on the site.  First was the OOXML Crawler, an application that crawls all the documents at a…


Open XML SDK, XMLSpy Standard Edition, and custom markup

Where the heck did August go? A few links from the last month … Open XML SDK V2. The first CTP of V2 of the Open XML SDK is now available for download. Eric White has all the details, including descriptions of the new features and before/after code examples showing how the strongly typed DOM…


Open XML diff tools

When learning about Open XML or developing Open XML solutions, it’s very common to find yourself wondering “what’s the difference between these two documents?” For example, you may see something in a document that you’d like to recreate programmatically, so you want to know what markup would be required. Or perhaps you’ve modified a document…


Open XML Resources for Developers

Like many people, I thought we’d know the official outcome of the DIS 29500 process today, but it looks like we won’t hear the official results until after ISO has had a chance to run them by the national bodies who participated in the review of the specification, which according to Reuters will be Wednesday….


Linq to XML code samples

Well, that didn’t take long: Eric White has already posted a series of blog posts on using Linq to XML with Open XML. He covers the basics of packages and parts, and then presents an OpenXMLDocument class that converts any Open XML document into a hierarchical object graph on which it is easy to write…


Open XML links for 11-04-2007

There has been quite a bit of Open XML discussion in the blogosphere recently, and I’ve not posted on my blog for two weeks (a personal record, if not one to be proud of!), so without further delay here’s a recap of some of the posts and articles I’ve found most interesting lately … Two…


Developer workshop content

If you’ve attended one of the Open XML Developer workshops that I and others have delivered in the last few months, you probably received a bunch of presentations, hands-on labs with complete source code, lab manuals, and demo files. We passed out that content as takeaway items for all the attendees, but now, even if…


Microsoft SDK for Open XML

I was so busy with activities related to the announcement of the new SDK yesterday that I didn’t get a chance to blog about it. And now, the morning after, I don’t have much to add to all the great posts that have been written by my colleagues around the globe. Nice work, everyone. Here…