Open XML support in new tools, apps, and custom solutions

One of the more interesting aspects of my job is meeting people who are developing software that interoperates with Office through the various formats that we support.  It’s exciting to hear their plans, work with them on the details of how our products can collaborate or share data, and then see the final solutions, whether…


Miscellaneous links for 03/18/2009

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted, and I’ve come across several interesting blog posts and articles in that time.  Here are a few favorites … There’s some cool new content that has started appearing on the site.  First was the OOXML Crawler, an application that crawls all the documents at a…


Open XML diff tools

When learning about Open XML or developing Open XML solutions, it’s very common to find yourself wondering “what’s the difference between these two documents?” For example, you may see something in a document that you’d like to recreate programmatically, so you want to know what markup would be required. Or perhaps you’ve modified a document…


Altova upgrades tools for Open XML developers

Altova has announced an upgrade to the Altova MissionKit bundle with several changes of interest to Open XML developers, including improved SpreadsheetML support in MapForce, larger files supported by XMLSpy, DOCX support in StyleVision, and differencing between Open XML documents in DiffDog. Alexander Falk has the details on his blog.


Open XML links for 06-06-2007

Ted Neward’s InfoQ article “Using Java to Crack Office 2007” provides a nice overview of Open XML development in Java. “It’s exciting and inspiring to consider how open the Office platform is to the Java programmer. Between the interoperability of using Java within an Office application, using Office within a Java application, and being able…