Open XML blogging in 2007

It’s been quite a year for those who have been blogging about the Open XML file formats. Here’s a look back at some of the stories I remember best from this busy year … January: Brian Jones provides an overview of Passing the Open XML standard off to ISO, followed by a post on the…


Merry Christmas!

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope you have a relaxing holiday season this week. While some people (including my Mom) are traveling thousands of miles to celebrate the holidays, my wife Megan and I are staying home this year. We’re looking forward to the most unplanned, unprepared, uncrowded, unchaotic Christmas we’ve ever had….


A stocking stuffer from TC45

Ecma TC45 has uploaded to their web site proposed dispositions for 2298 of the 3522 total DIS 29500 comments today, according the the announcement on the Ecma web site from Tom Ngo of NextPage. There are 532 new responses, and they’ve now completed 65% of the dispositions. This batch includes some pretty big changes, such…


Open XML links for 12-20-2007

Document Science CTO on Office and Open XML. My good friend Warren Wilbee recently interviewed Dr. Nasser Barghoutian, the CTO of Document Science, about how they develop applications on the Office platform. Podtech has posted a video of the interview, and Open XML is one of the key technologies in their Office integration strategy. A…


Symbian support for DOCX/XLSX

Quickoffice Premier 5.0 is the first mobile productivity software suite to support Office 2007 file formats on the S60 platform. The Symbian S60 platform is used by Nokia, Samsung, and many other manufacturers, and you’ll find S60 smartphones in the hands of many people these days. Now all of those people can read and write…


World of confusion

Rick Jelliffe’s “World of Confusion” blog post about his impressions at an all-day seminar on the feasibility of implementing Office Open XML has started a long conversation. It seems a few people think he’s out of line and/or in need of pyschoanalysis or moral recompassing. I thought it was an interesting post with a variety…


New blog: Gray Matter

People often ask me how much smaller Open XML documents are than corresponding Office binary documents. It’s a hard question to answer with any precision, because the difference in size is so dependent on the document content. For example, a long simple text document will compress by orders of magnitude, a typical document with graphics…


Where’s Wouter?

I’ve been wondering lately, “what’s up with Wouter?” He was so active blogging about Open XML in the past, and nothing new from him has appeared in my RSS reader for several weeks now. I know he’s been busy lately with a few little things like starting a business and growing a family, so I…


Open XML links for 12-13-2007

The last week has seen some interesting discussions and useful how-to posts on Open XML blogs … Three new articles on Sheela over at Sonata has recently posted several new articles, including an overview of how digital signatures work in WordprocessingML, information about how to implement headers and footers in SpreadsheetML, and the first…


Ecma project editor passes the 50% mark

As Ecma announced today, the project editor (Rex Jaeschke) now has proposed dispositions for over 50% of the 3522 national body comments. “The ISO/IEC DIS 29500 Project Editor is on track to produce a final document by mid-January 2008, containing proposed dispositions of all comments received during the ballot period.” Brian Jones shares his thoughts…