Odds & ends for 03-01-2009

The ODF TC has published Committee Draft 01 for ODF 1.2. This is not the official public-review version yet, but you can download the draft and provide feedback to the TC if you want to get an early start on the process.

On a related note, OASIS administrator Mary McRae has posted a call for proposals for ODF v-next.

Gray Knowlton has posted an Open XML Tools Index that includes links to many tools and resources for Open XML developers.

Maarten Balliauw had a cool post last month on saving a PHPExcel Spreadsheet to Google Documents.

The Kindle 2 is out, and early adopter Alex Falk was up late last week writing a comprehensive review. It includes built-in DOCX support.

My good friends Leandro Jekimim Goulart, Marcelo Fornazin and Daniel Assad published a set of Open XML demos on Codeplex a while back, which are very useful for exploring and understanding how you can use Open XML to build custom solutions in support of various business scenarios.

Stephen Peront has a list of recent Open XML development posts, including news of the launch of the Fraunhofer-led document test library and validator project.

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  1. Ces dernières semaines furent assez complètes et complexes, et le temps m’a manqué pour partager avec

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