Ecma approves ECMA-376 Edition 2 aligned with IS29500

The Ecma General Assembly met on December 4, and one of the matters they addressed was publication of ECMA-376 Edition 2. By a vote of 20-3, the GA approved publication of Edition 2 and it's now available on the Ecma web site.

Note that IS29500 and ECMA-376 Edition 2 have identical content, and differ only in name. This is common practice for Ecma, to synchronize the Ecma version with the ratified ISO/IEC version so that there is no divergence in the two standards.

For those who've asked about getting a working copy of the DOCX version, I understand that those will be available to TC45 and SC 34 members in the first week of January.

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  1. On Thursday, December 4, 2008 the Ecma General Assembly voted to approve Ecma 376 Edition 2 which is

  2. Dernier post Open XML sur mon blog avant les fêtes de fin d’année, avec les liens qui ont marqués cette

  3. hAl says:

    Will the upcoming docx specifications document be written in 1st or 2nd edition Office Open XML version ?

    Is there some version numbering present in the document that one can use to identify wheather or not a document is 1st edition or 2nd edition / iso/iec 29500:2008 ?

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