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If you're at TechEd in Orlando this week, come on by the Open XML booth to get a copy of the recently updated Open XML developer poster (thanks Erika!). I'll be here for TechEd/Developer and TechEd/IT Pro, so hope to see you here.

What's new with the Open XML SDK. Tomorrow at 1:00, Zeyad Rajabi will be doing a session on the Open XML SDK, showing off some of the new functionality that will be available in the next CTP (which will be released any day now) as well as a few other things coming in Version 2. It's session OFC08-TLC, in Green Interactive Theater 1, which is right next to the Open XML booth. Don't let the long title scare you off ("Content-Level Document Editing and Manipulation Using Open XML SDK" or some such thing), it's going to be a fast-paced overview of some very cool technology for Open XML developers.

I took some time off last week, so am a bit behind in blogging and email (OK, more than a "bit"), but here are a few Open XML links from the last week or so that I've found interesting ...

Embedding simple values in a schema-mapped document. Wouter Van Vugt continues his exploration of how the <customXml> tag can be used to add semantic markup to documents, this time walking through some code samples and creating a simple method that can update data values in a schema-mapped document.

Caroline Arms and Jon Udell. Few organizations are any more involved in document archival considerations than the Library of Congress. LOC's Caroline Arms was recently interviewed by Jon Udell, and it's a wide-ranging discussion of the issues and options for document storage. (FYI, Caroline was one of the most active participants in Ecma TC45, and attended the IS29500 BRM with the Ecma delegation.)

Thought-provoking posts. A few recent posts on Open XML-related topics have made for interesting reading ...

That's all I have time for today, but more to come soon. We're having some great conversations with developers, so if you're here at TechEd come on down to the Open XML booth.

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  1. Erika Ehrli says:

    Some other great news. We updated a couple Office developer posters. Developer Map for the 2007 Microsoft

  2. DocMemory says:

    From the post:

    "showing off some of the new functionality that will be available in the next CTP (which will be released any day now) "

    Dammit man, don’t tease us like that! What will be in it? When will it release?!?!? =)

    Seriously though, can you elaborate on what will be in it? After using the first one and looking at the development timeline image on Erika’s page it looks like there will be more WordProcessingML methods in this release.

     My hope for it is an easier way to assemble and access tables in a word document. I have seen a few posts on and the MSDN Open XML Format SDK forum asking how to easily accomplish this. Do you know of any plans to include this in an upcoming release?

  3. Doug Mahugh says:

    Sorry, didn’t mean to tease. 🙂

    Functionality for specific elements within a part (e.g., tables) will be in Version 2, which will begin to be available in CTP form this summer.  As for the new functionality in the next CTP, I’ll be posting a link tomorrow to a page that lists all of the changes in the final Version 1 release.

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