Catching up on non-controversial topics

While taking a hiatus from Open XML blogging during the BRM, I fell far behind in covering news of interest to Open XML developers. I've certainly forgotten a few things already that I had hoped to cover, but before any more of it slips away I'd like to post a few links from the last couple of weeks ...

Mauricio Ordoñez has started blogging. Expect lots of technical substance, a sly sense of humor, and broad Microsoft perspective from Mauricio's blog, which he quietly started a couple weeks ago. Case in point: Kpart Voodoo, which begins "The myth that Open XML's object embedding model is not compatible with KParts is much like the reanimated corpse of a zombie. Despite being dead, it comes back." This is another RSS feed you'll want to add to your list.

Wouter's SmartArt series. Wouter Van Vugt has delved into the details of how SmartArt works, and his two-part post on the topic (Part 1 / Part 2) provides simple explanations of the core concepts and a sample download to get you started. In my opinion SmartArt is one of the most under-utilized aspects of Open XML to date, and an area with rich creative possibilities for developers.

Intergen's TextGlow. This is one of those products you have to see in action to really appreciate: a Silverlight-based Open XML viewer. Gray Knowlton has the story with some background info and perspective.

Why ISO-approval of OOXML is not an option. At the risk of treading into controversial territory, I must say I enjoyed Jesper Lund Stocholm's latest post. And I'm looking forward to getting some of his stickers, too!

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  1. FFAQ98 says:

    <comment deleted>

  2. Doug Mahugh says:

    Sorry about the deletion, FFAQ98, but your comment had nothing to do with anything I’ve posted lately, except in the sense that it was (presumably) about Open XML.  And worst of all, you ended multiple sentences with multiple exclamations points, including a doozy that you ended with 17 in a row.  I can’t be an accomplice to that kind of writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FYI, if you’d like to speculate anonymously about how the words in the DIS29500 spec might indicate hidden evil intentions, this site isn’t your best bet.  There are web sites set up for that very purpose; here are a few options to consider:



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