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If you've attended one of the Open XML Developer workshops that I and others have delivered in the last few months, you probably received a bunch of presentations, hands-on labs with complete source code, lab manuals, and demo files. We passed out that content as takeaway items for all the attendees, but now, even if you didn't attend one of those workshops, you can get a copy of all the workshop content by simply downloading it from the "Open XML Developer Workshop content" page on

The content includes several things:

  • A series of presentations covering everything from basic Open XML architecture to the details of WordprocessingML, SpreadsheetML, and PresentationML. These presentations include hundreds of slides that will help you understand the things most developers need to know in order to work effectively with Open XML.

  • Dozens of sample documents and XML fragments that demonstrate specific concepts. These are the files that were used for demos during the workshops.

  • A set of hands-on labs in C# that take you through the basics of creating various document types. These labs use some AdventureWorks sample XML data as a starting point, which is transformed into rich Open XML documents that take advantage of images, styling, hyperlinks, charts, pivot tables, animations, and other common document elements.  (See below for two samples of output from the labs.)

  • A set of Java hands-on labs that demonstrate many of the same concepts for Java developers.

Module/Topic Presentation Samples Manual
00: Open XML Architecture PPTX-00 Samples 00
01: XML Programming in .NET PPTX-01 Samples 01 HOL 01
02: Open XML Packages PPTX-02 Samples 02 HOL 02
03: WordprocessingML Basics PPTX-03 Samples 03 HOL 03
04: WordprocessingML Advanced PPTX-04 Samples 04 HOL 04
05: Custom XML PPTX-05 Samples 05 HOL 05
06: SpreadsheetML Basics PPTX-06 Samples 06 HOL 06
07A: SpreadsheetML Advanced PPTX-07A Samples 07A
HOL 07
07B: DrawingML PPTX-07B Samples 07B
08: PresentationML PPTX-08 Samples 08 HOL 08
09: XSLT and Open XML PPTX-09 HOL 09
11: C++/CLI Samples 11 HOL 11

Hands-on labs (source code)
Hands-on labs: C# "starter" versions download (1.47mb)
Hands-on labs: C# finished solutions download (3.17mb)
Hands-on labs: Java versions download (326K)


Many people were involved in putting this material together. Some let me beg/borrow/steal their work, some contributed hands-on labs or sample documents, some created slides, some helped with fact-checking, some provided feedback after delivering the content themselves, and others were kind enough to bluntly say things like "that slide doesn't work." At the risk of forgetting someone, I'd like to thank (in alphabetical order): Brian Jones, Chris Predeek, Kevin Boske, Mauricio Ordonez, Peter Koen, Rick Jelliffe, Sanjay Kumar, Tristan Davis, and Wouter Van Vugt. Most of the useful information came from those guys, and any errors and omissions I handled entirely on my own.

If you're new to Open XML development, or just curious about how Open XML works, these presentations and labs will get you a well-rounded education in what's involved. Now if only we had a book or a set of videos that complemented all this content. 🙂 Stay tuned ...

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  1. Developer workshop content Even if you didn’t attended one of the Open XML Developer workshops…

  2. The OpenXML Community site now has over 2000 community members which is over 6 times the number when

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  5. Erika Ehrli says:

    If you are an Open XML fan (like me), I strongly recommend you check out the latest news shared by Doug

  6. John Head says:

    Doug, could you put together a single zip file to get this all at once please. Will be able to store and distribute.

    Thanks – John

  7. Doug Mahugh says:

    John, it seems that there’s not an easy way to do that on the OpenXMLDeveloper site, because of a file-size limit on attachments.  So I’ve created a 27MB ZIP file that contains everything, and it’s available for download for the next 7 days or 100 downloads on YouSendIt here:

    I just realized I forgot the Java HOLs in that ZIP file.  Well, that’s a small piece and it’s right here:

    Hope that helps.

  8. Doug Mahugh has the OpeXML Developer workshop content . Even if you didn’t attend one of those workshops,

  9. Doug Mahugh says:

    Like many people, I thought we’d know the official outcome of the DIS 29500 process today, but it looks

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    Open XML Resources for Developers Published 31 March 08 03:20 PM Like many people, I thought we'd

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