Night photos of Sydney

I'm having a very busy week and may not get a chance to post anything here, so I thought I'd share a few photos instead. These were taken Monday night around midnight, in the Circular Quay area ...

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  1. orcmid says:

    Envy, envy, envy.  Dang!

    Great pictures.  I like the one (on the home blog) where you’re rigged up and traversing the Sidney bridge span.

    My AmEx points are only about half what I need for a D80.  And that doesn’t include the hot snot vibration-correcting zoomer.  Ah, me.  Waiting is good, yes?  It only gets better, like putting off a computer purchase.

  2. I’ve spotted some lovely Sydney photos on Doug Mahugh’s blog . That must mean he is in Sydney. For those

  3. Doug Mahugh says:

    Keep using that AmEx, Dennis!  And since you mentioned it, here’s the bridge-climb post over on the personal blog:

    Frank, let’s catch up — I’m sitting here in Theatre 1 at North Ryde right now.  Are you in the room?  🙂

  4. Dude,

    If you can, you should try and make it back there today/tonight as we have some guests.

    Think I might go there after work and pay a visit myself.


  5. James says:

    Doug, I have a question about OpenXML. In Microsoft’s opinion, is OpenXML legally compatible with the GNU General Public License? (there’ll be three versions of it soon, so I guess that’s a three-in-one question)

    I ask this because the GNU GPL is the license of choice for the community, and I think it would be greatly beneficial for OpenXML if Microsoft could release a document stating that the OpenXML license and the GNU GPL are legally compatible.

    Most people in the community suspect that Microsoft is developing OpenXML rather than working on ODF because they can prevent GPL software from reading/writing to OpenXML, but Microsoft would never do anything like that, would they?

  6. Doug Mahugh says:

    Thanks for the tip, Michael.  I didn’t get over there this evening, but I’m hoping it will still be there tomorrow.

    James, I don’t know these sorts of legal details, since my job is more focused on the technical details of the formats.

  7. Doug Mahugh says:

    FYI, I missed the Queen Mary, but snapped a few pictures of the Queen Elizabeth.  They’re over on the personal blog here:

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