Introduction to Office Open XML Code Snippets

Office Programmability PM Kevin Boske has a new screencast on Channel 9 that takes you through how to work with the Office Open XML Code Snippets that are available as a free download on MSDN. There are 40 code snippets total, providing ready-to-use methods for common development chores ranging from deleting comments and metadata to reading/writing cells in spreadsheets to reordering slides and much more.

This is a great chance to learn about how to work with the System.IO.Packaging API, straight from the team that developed it. Kevin takes you through three of the snippets, and after that you'll be ready to use any of them. The snippets are available in both C# and VB versions.

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  1. Simon says:

    i can’t see your screencast on channel 9… could you check?

  2. Doug Mahugh says:

    Thanks for pointing that out, Stephen — I had uploaded a bad link.  It’s fixed now, so check it out!

  3. Mick says:

    Checks out great – keep them coming !!

  4. Doug Mahugh says:

    It’s been quite a year for those who have been blogging about the Open XML file formats. Here’s a look

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