Code Snippets for Open XML Development

The Open XML code snippets are out! These are a well-organized set of snippets that do the basic things every developer needs to do when working with Open XML documents. They're free, and all of the snippets come in C# and VB versions. Download them here.

Here's the complete list of what you'll find in these snippets:

  • Open XML: Get OfficeDocument Part

  • Excel: Add Custom UI

  • Excel: Delete Comments by a specific User

  • Excel: Delete Worksheet

  • Excel: Delete Excel 4.0 Macro sheets

  • Excel: Retrieve hidden rows or columns

  • Excel: Export Chart

  • Excel: Get Cell Value

  • Excel: Get Comments as XML

  • Excel: Get Hidden Worksheets

  • Excel: Get Worksheet Information

  • Excel: Get Cell for Reading

  • Excel: Get Cell for Writing

  • Excel: Insert Custom XML

  • Excel: Insert Header or Footer

  • Excel: Insert a Numeric Value into a Cell

  • Excel: Insert a String Value into a Cell

  • Excel: Set Recalc Option

  • PowerPoint: Delete Comments by User

  • PowerPoint: Delete Slide by Title

  • PowerPoint: Get Slide Count

  • PowerPoint: Get Slide Titles

  • PowerPoint: Modify Slide Title

  • PowerPoint: Reorder Slides

  • PowerPoint: Replace Image

  • PowerPoint: Retrieve Slide Location by Title

  • Word: Accept Revisions

  • Word: Add Header

  • Word: Convert DOCM to DOCX

  • Word: Remove Comments

  • Word: Remove Headers and Footers

  • Word: Remove Hidden Text

  • Word: Replace Style

  • Word: Retrieve Application Property

  • Word: Retrieve Core Property

  • Word: Retrieve Custom Property

  • Word: Retrieve Table of Contents

  • Word: Set Application Property

  • Word: Set Core Property

  • Word: Set Custom Property

  • Word: Set Print Orientation

For more information, check out Kevin Boske's blog and the OpenXmlDeveloper web site.

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