Dan Bricklin Interviews Alan Yates

Speaking of FUD (below), it's refreshing when you hear two class acts calmly discussing the state of their industry.

Dan Bricklin, inventor of the spreadsheet, interviewed Alan Yates, GM of Office business strategy, at a Microsoft reception at TechEd Monday evening, and Dan has put it on his blog as a podcast. There's no cheap shots and no hype, just a frank discussion of the Google spreadsheet announcement, and some good high-level information about related topics such as Infopath 2007's support for rich forms in browsers and how Excel Services enables organizations to publish and share Excel spreadsheets in a centralized fashion.

Dan's blog and his podcasts are consistently thought-provoking. Check them out here.

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  1. MSDN Archive says:

    Great find Doug.  During the Infopath part of the discussion I wish Alan would have mentioned that all the output of an InfoPath form is XML that conforms to an XSD specified in the form.  So you can do pretty much anything with the output, including shred it, stick it in a database or apply style sheets.

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