Visual Studio 2008 Beta2 – C# patch released for crashing bug

Since the the release of VS2008 Beta2, we've been getting several reports of a crashing bug in the C# IDE.   If you've run into any crashes and are using explicitly implemented interfaces in a solution that contains project to project references, you're most likely running into this very issue.  More specifically, it turns out that when a C# IntelliSense feature (such as IntelliSense) is invoked on a member of an explicitly implemented interface that's defined in another project, the IDE will end up crashing. 


I'm happy to announce that we released a Beta2 patch for this bug yesterday.  There are a few important notes about this patch you should keep in mind before proceeding:

-                      The patch is a pilot for the VS2008 servicing program so any feedback you provide about the setup experience would be tremendously helpful in helping us make the final servicing experience golden.  Please add your comments below.

-                      The patch is currently only available for English SKU’s of VS2008 Beta2 but note that future patches will be available for all VS-supported languages. 




Comments (8)

  1. Antony Leo Edel says:

    Crviewer9 is windowless control in visual studio 2008, this is a bug, how to fix this one, thanks in advance..

  2. Glenn B says:

    I’ve tried installing this hotfix but it throws a runtime error in the hotfix exe right after it does the self-extraction. Any ideas?

  3. DJ says:

    Antony/Glenn – Are you installing the patch on a non-ENU VS or OS?  If so, there are some known issues that we’re working on resolving.  

    In the meantime, one potential workaround is to use an unpackaging program like WinRAR to directly extract/install the raw .msp file.  Let me know if this works for you.

  4. Glenn B says:

    I extracted it using WinRAR. Right clicked on the .msp and clicked "apply". It took a little while, and made reference to VS 2005 in some places, but then installed fine.

    I’m running XP Pro on a brand new Dell Vostro 200 with all the latest updates. Does English-Australia violate the ENU?

    I have to test the code now to see if it still crashes, will let u know. Thanks!

  5. Glenn B says:

    It’s all good now! Thanks. Strange that the HotFixInstaller.exe was throwing a runtime error. Let me know if you want to know anything else about our setup if that helps you.

  6. Shtong says:

    After manual extracting it all worked fine, but actually I’m a little scared about the time it took to install (something like 10-15 minutes). Installing a service pack like the VS2005 SP1 is already very long, which I can understand as it has a lot of things to do for sure, but what about a single fix ?

    I wonder what happens during all this time, not only file copying and registry replacing for sure ?!?

  7. Shtong says:

    Oh well, I was hoping the patch would fix my problems, but it did not :(? I still have Intellisense crashing, I guess that will be until the RTM is available :/

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