WS-Discovery is now an OASIS approved standard

As of today (July 1st 2009) Web Services Dynamic Discovery (WS-Discovery) Version 1.1  is officially an OASIS standard ( Discovery bits included in the .NET 4.0 Beta1 package implement this specification.  

Discovery Find and FindCriteria

A Discovery Find is initiated by a client in order to discover one or more services, and is one of the main actions in Discovery. Performing a Find sends a WS-Discovery Probe message over the network. Matching services reply with WS-Discovery ProbeMatch messages (Read more about WS-Discovery messages in the specification). Let’s look at a…


Discovery Announcements

Now that you are familiar with some Discovery Concepts, let’s find out more about Announcements. I will use the terms: –          Target Service: an endpoint that makes itself available for discovery, –          Client: an endpoint that searches for Target Services, –          Discovery Proxy: an endpoint that facilitates discovery of Target Services by Clients. When a…


Discovery Concepts

                The last entry covered a simple discovery example. Before we get into more complex scenarios, let’s cover some of the core concepts behind WCF-Discovery. The entry below covers the main components, exposed functionality as well as the modes of operation of WCF-Discovery. Discovery Components   In any application architecture, there can be three types…


A Simple Discovery Scenario

Last entry we talked about the benefits of WCF-Discovery, this time we’ll delve into a hello world example. You have a WCF Calculator Service and a client that needs to locate it. In order to find the service the client sends out a query. This query can be sent to a Proxy server (more about…


Welcome to the Discovery Team’s Blog

This blog marks a first in a series to introduce you to what Discovery is all about. Cutting to the chase, the discovery functionality in .NET 4.0 provides means for making WCF services discoverable and for clients to locate such services. The technology is based on the WS-Discovery protocol, which is going through the standardization…