Hello World: DirectX 12 developer edition

Hello graphics developer pals! We're as excited as a ninja-cat-riding-a-T-Rex to share our work with you all. We’ve been working with some of you already and we're excited to welcome any newcomers! So, let me give you a little tour of where you can find the content you may be looking for. Let’s meet up after the T-Rex, shall we?


There are a few places a graphics developer like yourself should know about when working with DirectX 12. Let me give you a tour of the hot spots:  


Well, that, in brief, is your pocket guide to DirectX 12 information and education at the moment. We anticipate a few new spots lighting up very soon and will let you know when they do! 

In the meantime, please let us know what you think of what you’ve seen so far.

Comments (7)

  1. David says:


    Is there a way to download the DX12 programming guide in PDF format for reading offline?


  2. Tom says:

    The youtube videos are not that great. The audio is horrible, and it's almost nothing but slideshows with no real code examples. If you want to do it right, walk though the code samples and explain the code in a tutorial style fashion.

  3. NikkoCumbiamba says:

    I converted online documentation into a pdf.

    This is the link



  4. Marc says:

    Nikko thanks for the pdf! reading about heaps in a screen is hard 😀

  5. mukesh123 says:

    how can i render bmp?

  6. paulo says:

    gostei pagina muito proficional parabéns pena q minha on cyty net é muito leta mas muito obrigado pelos recusos da microsoft

  7. Thanks for the content, I liked it alot. Good job.

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