About Submit Infopath form data to Microsoft SQL Server database

Lots of friends were asking for how to submit form data directly into the SQL Server via Form Services/Form Server, after reading my How to Configure Form Service/InfoPath to allow external SQL Data Connection. Please let me clarify something here:


For browser-compatible form template, there is no direct way to allow the form to submit data into SQL Server, but as a workaround, we can use a data connection that submits data to a Web service that works with the database.


And if you want to submit data directly into the SQL Server using the Infopath client, you must meet the following conditions:


·         Forms that are based on this form template must be filled out by using Microsoft Office InfoPath. If the form will be filled out by using a Web browser, the form cannot submit data to a database directly. To configure a browser-compatible form template (browser-compatible form template: A form template that is designed in InfoPath by using a specific compatibility mode. A browser-compatible form template can be browser-enabled when it is published to a server running InfoPath Forms Services.) to submit data to a database, use a data connection that submits data to a Web service that works with the database.


·         The primary database table that is used in the main data connection contains a primary key, unique constraint, or unique index.


·         Any other database tables that are used with this main data connection have a simple relationship to the primary database table.


For the detail about how to Submit form data to a Microsoft SQL Server database, please read this article directly: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/infopath/HP101070601033.aspx

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  1. Clay says:

    You can get a suite of installable, prebuilt web services for SQL interaction at http://www.qdabra.com which work with browser forms.

  2. Uzochukwu Iwuagwu says:

    I have been working with infopath for 3 weeks now.Trying to submit data from an infopath form into 2008 sql database.I decided to integrate it with visual studio and see how i could use vb codes to submit data.How can i do this?

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