Unexceptional exceptions (from C# 2.0 chat)

Earlier today, we had C# language chat which was well attended. Even a bunch of us together barely managed to answer the questions posted by C# developers about all sorts of things. Exceptions was one of the popular topics. Two questions caught my eye (paraphrased here)1. Should I perf test an exception code path; and2….

C# Language Chat Tomorrow (Generics, nullable types and more)

Now that you have VS 2005 beta 2, you have one more reason to join us tomorrow for a chat about C# language features. This is great chance for you to tell us what you think and ask us questions about all the cool features in C# including- Generics- Anonymous methods- Iterators- Partial types- Nullable types And…

Resources for n-tier application patterns

Due to my involvement with data access/ object-relational technologies, I often get questions about how to build a 3-tier app and the guidelines around it. Some are specific questions in the context of an application while others are attempts to cut through a fog of buzzwords – SOA, aspect-orientation etc. In response, I have a…


ObjectSpaces -> C#

I am restarting my blog after a long hiatus. Soon after my initial post, ObjectSpaces was merged with WinFS. But in January, I moved to C# team to join my fellow ObjectSpacers/ ADO.NETters Luca Bolognese and Matt Warren.  First DataSet, then ObjectSpaces and now exciting new work at the intersection of data access and language in…


Welcome to my blog

I am Program Manager working on ObjectSpaces in WebData group. Under this category I will be posting my thoughts about object persistence in general during the coming weeks and months.