LINQ Chat on Thursday Oct. 20

We will have our second LINQ and C# 3.0 language chat on Thursday, October 20, 2005 at 1pm Pacific Time (GMT – 8:00). Last time we were overwhelmed with 5x as many questions as usual but hope to do better this time. Overall schedule of MSDN chats is at:


DLinq: Demystifying OR Updates

Here is another FAQ I got about DLinq at PDC. How does DLinq handle changes to objects? How is it similar to or different from ADO.NET DataAdapter?  Here is a quick overview of what goes on under the covers at a conceptual level: Before objects are modified: Original values are copied for Detecting changes; and Detecting…


DLinq at MVP Summit

Just over a week ago, we had a Microsoft MVP summit here in Redmond. It was great to meet with such a smart and energized group of people who really get what we do and even better, tell us when we don’t get it! Their dedication was really admirable – imagine showing up on Saturday…


DLinq Mapping: External Or Not (Attributes or XML file)

At PDC (and before that on ObjectSpaces project), this was a hot discussion topic. What approach is better: attributes or external source like an XML file. I would like to open up this topic beyond the 1:1 conversations at PDC to the blogosphere. I will start with a small backgrounder and you tell us which…


Connected, Disconnected and DLinq

Here is another FAQ question that has come up at PDC. Since DLinq is a part of the next version of ADO.NET, it is natural to ask – is it connected or disconnected? After all, we have talked about connected vs disconnected components in ADO.NET quite a bit. DataReader is connected (you are using the…


Code for my DLinq Demo at PDC

Here is the code for my demo during David Campbell’s (DAT200, 11am Wednesday) session titled “Future Directions for Data-Driven Applications …”. Of course I don’t have the video for showing the code in multiple steps starting from scratch. But here is the final code with query update etc. You can run this with the PDC…


ObjectSpaces -> DLinq

Soon after Anders + Don demo in PDC keynote, several folks asked me about ObjectSpaces. It was one of my favorite projects (notice the past tense). But it is time to talk about its future rather than past. The future of ObjectSpaces is DLinq. We used the feedback we got on ObjectSpaces to design DLinq as…


C# 3.0 at PDC 2005

If you are coming to PDC and are expecting something special from the C# team, you won’t be disappointed. My colleague Matt has already given as much of a preview as we can (to avoid spoiling a good surprise), so I will stick to the sessions to watch and things to do. Further details are on…


How to identify a Nullable<T>

Before the recent Nullable<T> changes, some of you may have used INullableValue to find a Nullable<T>. We could debate the issues with writing code that uses a “marker” interface but here I want to just provide a solution for deciding if a type is Nullable<T>. Now that the INullableValue interface is gone from Nullable<T>, I have…


IComparable in the new Nullable<T> world

Our VP, Soma posted about the last minute changes to Nullable<T> in Visual Studio 2005. The changes have been available in August CTP for a while and comments have been coming in. Keep them coming. Here is a thumbnail sketch of what the recent nullable changes do. I am really glad that we did those…