LINQ is pronounced link, "LIN Cue" or Lynx

A minor note - at TechEd in Orlando, many attendees decided to pronounce Language INtegrated Query (LINQ) as either "lin cue" or "lynx". Maybe we can get a cooler logo with lynx now! We pronounce it the same as "link" though!

All its components are called LINQ to Whatever (Objects, SQL, DataSet, XML, Entities, ...).


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  1. jeffjones says:

    "Lin Cue" is too hard to say and "Lynx" isn’t even close because there is not ‘s’ in the "LINQ".  

    Join my cause and say the word right, "LINK"!

  2. Welcome to the XXVIII Community Convergence. In these posts I try to wrap up events that have occurred

  3. I saw the same thing in TechMela which Dinesh reported. Many attendees was pronouncing LINQ as "link

  4. Hrm, don’t I feel like a fool now? I’ve been pronouncing it as Lin "Q" for quite a while now. It’s a good thing that I found this post before I embarrassed myself :/

  5. I prefer to pronounce LINQ as Lin Que.

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