The Long Tail: Chris Anderson’s talk on MS campus

I am taking a break from LINQ/C#-related posts for a littler detour. Today I attended Chris Anderson’s talk about “The Long Tail”. We often have authors of interesting technical/business/organizational books visit the campus as a part of their book promotion tours. In a nutshell, the author generalizes the Amazon/Netflix phenomenon to hypothesize that the future…


A Developer’s Guide to SQL Server 2005 (Bob Beauchemin and Dan Sullivan)

At TechEd, I casually asked Bob about a recent revision of his book and a little later, a 1k page book landed on my desk – courtesy Bob. I was very impressed by the content and style.The topics range from the commonly used ones like ADO.NET v2 to more selective ones like in-proc data access. My…


Lazy ORM users deserve it!

Let’s say you build an app that uses a traditional ORM concept of lazy loading. Your app binds an Order object to a grid and lets the user lazily load related objects like OrderLines. Your user – a normal cubicle dweller, queries for an Order and then decides to go get some coffee.  She comes…


The journey continues (musings of a LINQer)

Good question – in the kitchen of course! The dish is now ready on the LINQ home page and our VP – Soma has a nice blog about it already. I feel exhausted but happy to be able to share the results of “our” work with you.   The word “our” in English is strange – it has…


Do you do SOA?

OK, the title is buzzwordy and doesn’t mean much but here is the question I want to pose as we evaluate the relative priorities of various multi-tier scenarios in DLinq. Do you use the same type on mid-tier and on presentation / web-service client tier? I have seen many discussions about how some people want…


Should DLinq support a read-only stream of objects?

Currently, when DLinq retrieves entities, it automatically inserts them in an identity cache. This ensures that if you run two queries whose results overlap, you get the same objects by reference – not copies. The object reference after all is the identity in CLR world. This ensures that when you change an entity, you don’t…


Chat transcripts

I got a couple of emails and a question on my blog about chat transcripts. DLinq transcripts may be a bit tricky to find since they are filed under Visual Studio rather than .NET Framework. It takes 2-3 weeks to get the transcripts up so the latest one won’t show up for a while. See…


DLinq chat today (3/23/06) at 1pm Pacific Time

The DLinq team is looking forward to your questions and comments today at 1pm Pacific Time in this chatroom: The official chat schedule entry. Add a reminder to your calendar. The chatroom itself. All upcoming developer chats. Have some time zone questions?


DLinq: What’s cooking in the kitchen

OK, after hibernating in the winter, I am back on the blog. Some of you joined us on DLinq chat last week so you already have a sense of what is going on. For others, here is a peek at what we are working on: Inheritance: table-per-hierarchy: It turns out that this feature is more…