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I am restarting my blog after a long hiatus. Soon after my initial post, ObjectSpaces was merged with WinFS. But in January, I moved to C# team to join my fellow ObjectSpacers/ ADO.NETters Luca Bolognese and Matt Warren

First DataSet, then ObjectSpaces and now exciting new work at the intersection of data access and language in the high powered C# team! It is going to be very exciting ... I promise to share some of that with you - as and when I can. 

Soon, I hope to discuss with you some of the interesting topics in data access and C# - of course with very biased views and entirely personal take :-). And a few other things that have nothing to do with data access or C# too.



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  1. From the earlier document (published in 2002?)

    The ObjectSpace does not fits the needs of a robust and scalable persistent layer. Any improvement recently?


  2. Dinesh says:

    Sorry. ObjectSpaces is not scheduled for Whidbey but we do get the importance of ORM. I will talk about improvements and changes as and when I can.

    BTW, I am not sure what document gave you the impression that ObjectSpaces did not fit the needs of a robust and scalable persistent layer. What people got at PDC 2003 was obviously alpha code but that aside, we always targeted scalable and robust apps.

    If you have any specific requirements/ design issues, I would be very interested in hearing further.

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