Filtering on an Indexed field in a large list counts recycle bin items

This is a behavior I thought I’d point out, in case anybody is running into it without knowing the reason, as it may not be intuitive… 🙂 If you have an indexed field and are filtering by it, but it doesn’t work even though you are positive the list doesn’t have more than 5k (or…


Temporarily disabling List View Threshold on a large list

I made a post on the official blog of the Microsoft SharePoint Product Group about how to temporarily disable the large list “List View Threshold” feature on a large list. The post talks about your options for performing throttled operations on large lists, and why you might need to (for example – right after upgrade).  Please go take…


SharePoint: Performance Effect of Totals on Views

I just wrote a post on the performance effect of Totals on views on Get The Point SharePoint Blog. Please take a look:   Dina