SharePoint 2010: How to Create a View

    If you're new to SharePoint, maybe this will help smooth that along:


    1- Go to the List or Library that you want to create a view in.

    2- In the ribbon at the top pick "Library" or "List"

    3- Click the "Create View" button

    4- Now you can pick what type of view you'd like. You can copy an existing view that you just want to tweak without changing the original view, or you can create one of these formats:

    • Standard View

    • Calendar View

    • Access View

    • Datasheet View

    • Gantt View

    • Custom View in SharePoint Designer


    Let's say for example, that you just want a standard view, so you click on Standard view.  Now you need to think about some things:

    • What do you want to name your view?

    • Do you want it to be a personal view (only you can see it) or a public view (everybody can see it, and you need to have certain permissions to be able to do this

    • What columns do you want to see on the view? One common mistake is to pick everything, but matter of the fact is: usually you'll only ever really look at a few, so you should think about this carefully both during creating a view as well as after you've created it and are using it. Don't hesitate to come back to edit the view after you start using it when you realize that there are these 2 columns on it that you never really look at.
      Make sure your view includes the minimal number of lookup columns (fields of type Lookup, Person/Group, or Workflow Status), because each lookup you add to your view incurs a cost, and once you go beyond 8 (default, your farm administrator may have changed this number) your view will just stop working and require that you change it to get rid of one or more of these fields.

    • Do you want to group your view by a certain column? For example, if you were to create a view on a list of all your tasks, you may want to group them by due date.

    • How many items do you want your view to return, and should it page them or do you just want to see the top X? If you don't think you'll ever go to that 2nd or 3rd page, then it's best to limit the returned set as much as possible.

    • Do I need to see the items inside folders, or do I just want everything bubbled up into my view?

    • Will I need to use this view on the go? If so, you want to make sure you think about the Mobile settings for whether to enable the view for mobile access, and how many items it should display in a list view web part.


    Now that you know all the things to think about when creating a view, here's an example:  


    Task: Let's say that the default view with all items is not good enough for my department, and I need to make a view that everybody will find useful, instead of expecting each person to create a personal view, or filtering on the default view each time. I need a view to show all the items in this task list that were "Assigned To" whoever is using that view. I want it sorted by "Due Date", soonest first, and I want to see 100 items in a page instead of the default 30, and there are a total of roughly 500 items in the list but less than 100 of them belong to any particular person at a time.  I also want to group these documents by 'Client Name', and I want to see a total on the page for "Amount Due". Here's what I'd do:


    1. I'd Create a View, which I'll call "My Assignments"

    1. I'd make it a public view, and I will also make it the default view.

    1. I'll choose the following columns to display: Task, Contact Person (Lookup), Contact Number, Due Date, Amount Due

    1. I'll specify that the view should group by 'Client Name'

    1. I'll specify that the view should include a total on Amount Due

    2. I'll add a filter for "Assigned To = [Me]"

    1. I don't have folders, so doesn't matter if I set folders to show up or not.

    1. I'll sort by Due Date, ascending.

    1. I'll set Item Limit to 100, and disable paging. I just want to see the top 100.

    1. I want to be able to see this view on the go, so I'll leave Mobile enabled

    1. All done! Test it out.. works, get somebody else to try out the new default view.


    Dina Ayoub

    Program Manager on SharePoint, MSFT

Comments (14)

  1. michael says:


    I created a document library, easy.

    I created a view and set as default, easy.

    I created insite the library folders, easy.

    I want to see the same view as for the library, means same columns … not possible!!!

    Any idea what I could do????

    Tanks a lot


    PS: please send me an email if possible:

  2. Dina Ayoub says:

    Michael, i've tried to contact you but you haven't responded. Please let me know if you are still having this issue.

  3. Jane Barrister says:

    I've tried creating an Access View all works okay unitl…. I'm using a task list on a team site on a SharePoint Server 2010 installation. It opens Access 2010, I create a report. Save database to doc lib (Shared Document) – but the new view does not appear on the tasks list. I've tried other list types as well, with the same result. What am I missing? What makes a report an Access view?

  4. Todd Hammond says:

    How do I create a view that uses 3 levels of grouping?

  5. Cena says:

    Not sure how to do this but in a picture library, how do we make a filmstrip as a default view…i couldnt configure this?

  6. Dina Ayoub says:

    Cena, I personally haven't tried this, but this blog post seems relevant to what you're looking for:…/how-to-make-film-strip-default-view-for.html

  7. Richard Clarry says:

    I have had the same issue as Jane. Did this issue get address. If so please let me know the outcome as I am having the same issue.

    Thanks for any help.

  8. Dina Ayoub says:

    I don’t think saving the database to a doc lib is sufficient, I think you have to publish the Access database to SharePoint. This was a new feature in 2010 and is different from just saving the accdb file.…/ff402351.aspx

  9. Dina Ayoub says:

    Also, for folks with access issues, I'd recommend checking out the Access Team Blog:

  10. Thao Mac says:

    If I have 4 columns: Tasks, Contact Person, Number, and Amount. Is there any way I can set up different view for different group on the same Task ? For example: I want Employees group to see all those information but Visitor group only can see Tasks, Contact Person and Number. I already tried Edit view and deselect box next to column Amount for Visitor group, the column was hidden in general view but once I click on one specific Task, all the information is still available. So I want to know if I can completely hide Amount for Visitor group.

    Please email me:

    Thakn you

  11. Paul H says:

    I have created a view of documents displaying them in descending and ascending order by file name and made the descending order the default view. When I close and reopen the page again it opens on the All Documents standard view. The only way I can find to get round this is to delete the All Documents view. I would like to keep the All Documents option there.

  12. Dina Ayoub says:

    Hi Paul,

    One way to fix this is to make the new view you created the 'default view'. This will only work if the view you created is a public view not a personal view (something you set when you are first creating the view, and it defaults to public view). Here's how to change the view to be the default view:

    Click on the view you've created, go to Library tab in the ribbon at the top of the page, then click Modify view. In the first section of options, there should be a checkbox that says "Make this the default view (Applies to public views only)". Make sure that checkbox is checked, then save by pressing OK. Now whenever you click to go to that document library, your new view should be the one that shows up first. Let me know if that helps.


  13. Request for Help from Dina says:


    Can you please assist me in converting my list view in SharePoint 2010 to the Add New Item Form View.  I have created the form and even edited and spiced it up in InfoPath, but I cannot figure out how to display the form on the main page instead of the list view?  Please help! 🙂  Matt

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