SharePoint Diagnostic Studio (SPDiag) has shipped!

SharePoint Diagnostic Studio (SPDiag) has Shipped, and along with it SharePoint Admin Toolkit (SPAT) v2 for SharePoint 2010. This is a very exciting day for our on-premise customers managing their own SP installations.  SPAT brings a crucial set of tools for managing and pinpointing issues with SharePoint farms.  With the inclusion of SPDiag, the set…


Filtering on an Indexed field in a large list counts recycle bin items

This is a behavior I thought I’d point out, in case anybody is running into it without knowing the reason, as it may not be intuitive… 🙂 If you have an indexed field and are filtering by it, but it doesn’t work even though you are positive the list doesn’t have more than 5k (or…


2010 Large Lists Documentation: white papers and blog posts

I thought I’d make one post where I link to all the SharePoint 2010 large list documentation.. Hope this is helpful: Large Lists help topic explaining the basic thresholds: Designing Large Lists and Maximizing List Performance: Capacity planning for a large scale document repository: Programmatically Using the Object Model Override for the List…


Content database size (200 GB) custom health rule

Great post by Steve, on how to create a health rule to check your content database sizes, to help you make sure they don’t exceed the 200GB limit: 


More SharePoint 2010 Capacity Planning Goodness: Lab study of an Enterprise Collaboration Environment!

This is another one of the papers I’ve worked on, and now it is available for download! Actually this is the one I’ve worked on the most, and I’d love some feedback on it 🙂 The lab study should be read in conjunction with the technical study that it mimics. The files you should look…


Programmatically Using the Object Model Override for the List View Threshold

In this post titled “How to change the List View Threshold and Other Resource Throttling Settings”, I described why you might want to use the “List View Threshold for Auditors and Administrators”, which is 20,000 by default. This limit is higher than the default 5,000 List View Threshold that gets applied to all regular users.  If…


SharePoint 2010: How to Create a View

If you’re new to SharePoint, maybe this will help smooth that along:   1- Go to the List or Library that you want to create a view in. 2- In the ribbon at the top pick “Library” or “List” 3- Click the “Create View” button 4- Now you can pick what type of view you’d…


SharePoint 2010: How to Change the List View Threshold and Other Resource Throttling Settings

One of the major reasons that this List View Threshold (LVT) feature was created is to protect the server from unintentional load that may either bring it down, or at least cause other users higher latency or failures. Changing this limit (default 5000) is quite simple, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are positive…


SharePoint 2010 Capacity Planning and Capacity Management

The capacity planning and management center is up and running. It has a ton of great documents on it, it’s very exciting! Check it out:     Here’s a quick  look at the documents I found most useful:   A great overview document describing the process you should go through the planning exercise for your…


Temporarily disabling List View Threshold on a large list

I made a post on the official blog of the Microsoft SharePoint Product Group about how to temporarily disable the large list “List View Threshold” feature on a large list. The post talks about your options for performing throttled operations on large lists, and why you might need to (for example – right after upgrade).  Please go take…