Flying Wiimotes

I just bought a Wii and it has totally changed my gamer attitude, and I wasn’t even a gamer to start with. No more button mashing anymore – arm-swinging and flailing with some actual hand-eye coordination is what it’s all about. Of course with all the arm-thrashing, the controllers are bound to gain critical velocity and…


Save Often!

One of the problems of living on the cutting edge is that it tends to make you bleed. I have a post-RC1 Vista build on my main desktop. And I was impressed by the fact that I hadn’t required a single reboot in over three weeks. I worked yesterday on putting together a long post…


Why dimeby8?

The answer’s pretty obvious if you think in terms of currency. I was shooting for the witty equivalent of my 2 cents. Except dime/8 = 10/8 = 1.25! I didn’t notice this until much later (and it was too late to change the name by then).