WPD video on Channel 9!

Check out this Channel 9 video on the WPD platform. It's full of demos - check out the one with a WPD driver for a blood glucose meter (22:00 timestamp). There are demos of the WpdInfo and WpdMon tools. WpdInfo and WpdMon are available in the WDK, while WpdMon is also available with the MTP porting kit. These are great to understand WPD and MTP! I'll post more information (along with links) on these later.

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  1. hipswich says:

    The video is very good in terms of content.  Thank you!

    When will the support for managed code mentioned to toward the end of the interview be available?

  2. hipswich says:

    I searched the SDK and could not find WpdInfo or WpdMon.

    Could you offer any hint?

  3. hipswich says:

    Sorry but I found WpdInfo or WpdMon in WDK that I misred as SDK from your post.  I wish I could edit or delete my previous post.

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