SSIS 2012 Automation (Powershell and C#)

Hi Everyone

I recently ran into few cases where customer needed to automate SSIS Project configuration and job creation and I had search whole web to finally reach somewhere.

I think it would be nice to have whole procedure documented so others do not have to search extensively to achieve this.

Also I have created C# code as well as Powershell code to do same so that one can choose what he want to do.

C# and Powershell are kind of similar but It was first time I was trying something powershell so took some time.


I had posed this on my team blog so i will just give references to those blog posts, let me know if you guys have any comments.

SSIS 2012 Automation – Part 1: Deploy SSIS Project to SSIS Catalog

SSIS 2012 Automation – Part 2: Create environment, map it to project and package level parameters and assign reference to project

SSIS 2012 Automation – Part 3: Create SQL Agent Job which will execute SSIS package from SSIS catalog, Assign Environment Reference and Assign Schedule to Job