More WPF 3D playing..

The hardest thing about creating 3D is where to source my MeshGeometry3D data. That's the TriangleIndices, Normals and Positions. These numbers are enormous. Lucky thing there are tools (reading Tim's blog), I found ZAM 3D and other conversion utilities. This list is priceless. Other than this Mesh3D thingy, I found that 3D in XAML is very straight forward, just like normal 2D XAML.

Using the tool, I'm dragging in a Torus model and copy to XAML. Grab those Meshes and I play with brushes, textures, transforms, rotation, cameras etc.. and you got a nice looking 3D XAML 🙂 Finally, I got it to look like a rotating Jade ring. 

The XAML is posted at Channel9 and it looks like:

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