A Collection of useful Avalon tutorial

While researching for information about Avalon [for play-n-learn sample app], I realized that I’m always going back to the same site/blog over and over again. I thought it is nice to just compile a list of information that I’m always using from time to time so that other users of Avalon can make find this easily. I…


Experimental US weather service exposed via XML web service

Found out yesterday that this information is available. I’m adding to my sample app (virtual earth) to enrich user experience. For more information, refer to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: http://www.weather.gov/xml/

self::probe Avalon smart client

Ok. I got the Windows Presentation Framework (aka Avalon) from amazon.com 3 weeks back. It’s a great book to learn WPF and be sure to check Chris’s code sample update site. It’s been quite a bit of breaking change in WPF. So again, I decided to write a cool smart client application to learn about…