NNTP Reader built 100% using Avalon [WinHEC version]

Just finishing fine tuning my NNTP reader. This is a stateless news reader that requires outgoing permission to TCP Port 119. I guessed NNTP is less and less important since many corporation is blocking access out to abritary port these days. Once I zip up my app with source code (and find a location to store it), I'll post again. If you wish to try and you are in Corp net, please install Firewall Client.

This reader is done 100% with Avalon. A real useful app. Check out the screenshot @ here [Just updated]


Comments (12)

  1. Rune says:

    The screenshot returns an error…

  2. Digitalnetbizz says:

    Just updated. It should work now.

  3. NNTP Reader built 100% using Avalon [WinHEC version] Woohoo. Apps 99.999% of the universe won’t be able to use for another…1? 2? years. If things stay on schedule. And what is Avalon you might ask, given the changing nature of…

  4. Mint says:

    When are you posting the source code?

  5. The source code is in the process of getting thru in GotDotNet.com. Once I get confirmation on that, I’ll post an update. Thanks.

  6. Paul Colton says:

    When you get it converted to XAML, it would be nice to try getting it running on Xamlon, then you could run it on any Windows version.

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