Another h/w item failed right after warranty …

I really wonder if electronics component are made to fail right after basic 12 months warranty. This time is my MP3 player from iRock. 12 months + 2 days.

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  1. Dave says:

    Yes they are, sort of. Most quality departments produce a figure called the MTBF (mean-time before failure) which is based on usage of their products or the MTBF of its components. No profit-driven company would set a standard warranty period to be longer than the product’s MTBF.

    Having said that, most self respecting companies make sure that the MTBF for their products is a lot longer than the standard warranty period.

    Of course, that’s all based on the MEAN time before failure. Products still fail inside and outside of the warranty period. I guess you’ve been unlucky.

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