Certain CS Books Appreciate in value…

Just last month I sold of my old CS books for more than what I purchase for.
I bought all 3 in 1994 for about ~$25 each. I sold them for ~$37 each.
I gained ~50% and make extra room in my bookshelf.

How weird? I thought only house appreciate in value.

If you are curious, the titles are as follow:
1. TCP/IP Illustrated Volume 1
2. TCP/IP Illustrated Volume 2
3. TCP/IP Illustrated Volume 3

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  1. SBC says:

    I have a software engineering book (by Davis) that I picked up about 10 years ago for ~$20. It’s out-of-print now and sells for over $100 in the used book market!!

    Some books (like Knuth’s 3-vol opus) are difficult to part with.

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