Tamper Resistant Controllers and APIs (to Seal or not to Seal?)

My dog chewed up my slick black XBOX controller last night – the right thumb stick is gone. I feel much cooler and dangerous using the black one, so being inclined toward do it yourself handiness, I thought I’d just swap out a replacement part from my dorky white controller. Genius! I fetched my tools…


DomainService Error Handling

When errors occur server side in a DomainService during request processing, your customErrors configuration in web.config determines the level of error information that will be displayed to clients. By default the custom error mode is RemoteOnly. Deployed applications will likely use RemoteOnly or On to ensure that sensitive internal information and stack traces aren’t exposed….


EF v2 Goodness + RIA Services

If you’ve spent any time on the RIA Services forums or attempting to use our LinqToEntitiesDomainService base class yourself, you’ll know that it wasn’t very hard to run into issues 🙂 For example, it was very easy to run into server side issues when processing more complicated graph updates. As I have explained many times…


Composition Support in RIA Services

I’m having a great time at PDC 2009 talking to customers about Silverlight and RIA Services. The second keynote just finished, Scott unveiled SL4 which means now our team can talk about our PDC Beta of RIA Services for VS 2008 / SL3 as well as our preview for VS 2010 / SL4! You can…


.NET RIA Services July CTP

After much work, our team just released the July CTP of .NET RIA Services. We’re releasing this CTP in step with the big Silverlight 3 release, as trumpeted on ScottGu’s SL3 blog post here. As mentioned in Scott’s post, “The new .NET RIA Services framework (which now has a go-live license) can be used to easily…