Exposing EDM and database server functions to LINQ

Alex published today a description Colin and I wrote on a new feature the team has been working on for LINQ to Entities. Beyond all technicalities, it is a very simple and attribute-based way of exposing any arbitrary server-side function to LINQ. It goes beyond what LINQ to SQL does with SqlMethods and it leverages…


Colin explains a simple LINQ to Relational materializer

Just a short note about this: You can find his article here. I had the chance to see his presentation before he went to DevConnections in Orlando. Very much recommended stuff!

Some differences between ESQL and LINQ to Entities capabilities

John Papa asks in my comments about some differences among the two query languages. Let’s start from the beginning: What is almost the same Updatable queries: Neither LINQ to Entities nor ESQL currently enclose a real Data Manipulation Language. However, both can return tracked entities that you can then update and send back to the…


Choosing an Entity Framework API

Last month, a question was asked in the ADO.NET Prerelease forum that went more or less like this: Considering that there are many APIs you can use (Entity SQL, ObjectQuery<T>, LINQ to Entities), is there any guidance that could help me decide when to use each? The best I could do based on my knowledge…