Entity Framework Feature CTP 2

We have just released a new version of the Feature CTP that works on top of Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2. I have been focusing on Self-Tracking Entities a lot lately, and so it feels great to have this out for people to try it and give us feedback on it. The new version of…


Standard generated entity classes in EF4

A customer recently asked if there is still any advantage in using the entities that Entity Framework 4 generates by default instead of POCO classes. Another way to look at this is: why are non-POCO classes that inherit from System.Data.Objects.DataClasses.EntityObject and use all sort of attributes to specify mapping of properties and relationship still the…


WPF databinding with the POCO Template

Update: with the new version of the POCO template available in Visual Studio Gallery (see here for more information), there is no need for this workaround. We decided to change the collection type for navigation properties to be based on ObservableCollection<T>, so that an IListSource implementation shouldn’t be required anymore. The new support for POCO…


Beth Massi on Entity Framework + WPF

I haven’t met Beth in person but I noticed her awesome blog posts and videos focused on using Entity Framework with WPF. Very useful stuff!


Rowan on Entity Framework Events and Alex’s Tips

I don’t post much on my blog lately (too busy working on Entity Framework for .NET 4!), but this post from my teammate Rowan struck me as something that would help lots of customers, so I wanted to link to it. It explains basically everything you need to know about events available in the Object…


Third post about POCO, first post about Code Only

It is always busy here with all the improvements we are doing in Entity Framework to make your code work better with it. That is why I haven’t been posting to my blog much in the last months. Today however, there are two important posts from people that sit very close to me, so I…


Server queries and identity resolution

I answered a Connect issue today that deals with a very common expectation for users of systems like Entity Framework and LINQ to SQL. The issue was something like this: When I run a query, I expect entities that I have added to the context and that are still not saved but match the predicate…


EntityDataSource and Bind: What are those square brackets?

This post is about a small issue that I have seen in the forums and that arises often in cases in which EntityDataSource is used in combination with bound controls that use templates, like FormsView or a GridView with template based columns. If you can create your page correctly, simply using the different drag &…