EFContrib: An Entity Framework Community Contribution Project

I got the news today that Ruurd Boeke, a member of the developer community, has created an Entity Framework Contrib project in CodePlex. The project home is:


The initial goal sounds like a good idea, but overall I am just very happy to see an EF Contrib project starting and I hope it will be very successful and why not, famous 🙂

Evidently, I cannot talk for the owner of the project, but since in his own blog post he is inviting people to contact him or leave comments:

If you are another member of the community and you planned or wished to contribute your ideas on how to extend the Entity Framework capabilities in such a community project, I encourage you to check it out and contact Ruurd and see what happens.

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  1. Ruurd Boeke says:

    Hi Diego,

    Yes indeed, it would be great if people contacted me with other extensions. Two have done so already and will appear on the project site soon!

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