Exposing EDM and database server functions to LINQ

Alex published today a description Colin and I wrote on a new feature the team has been working on for LINQ to Entities. Beyond all technicalities, it is a very simple and attribute-based way of exposing any arbitrary server-side function to LINQ. It goes beyond what LINQ to SQL does with SqlMethods and it leverages…


Quick tips for Entity Framework Databinding

One of our customers asked this question yesterday on the Entity Framework forums. There were a few details missing and so I am not completely sure I got the question right. But I think it is about an issue I have heard quite a bit, and so I think it may be useful to share…


Jarek publishes his excellent Entity Framework POCO Adapter

I have been back from vacation for some time but I haven’t had time to post anything (i.e. I was on vacation the day Entity Framework went RTM in .NET 3.5 SP1!). Finally, something happened that I cannot wait to talk about. Jarek and I went discussing how persistence ignorant classes could be supported by…


Sample Entity Framework Provider for Oracle now Available

This new sample builds on top of System.Data.OracleClient and showcases some techniques a provider writer targeting databases different from SQL Server can use. The code is not meant for production, just a sample directed to provider writers. It has also a few limitations related both to SP1 beta bits and with types not supported in…


Entity Framework Sample Provider Updated for SP1 Beta

Just to get the news out: The updated version of the Entity Framework Sample Provider that is compatible with .NET 3.5 SP1 Beta is now available in our Code Gallery page. From the description: The Sample Provider wraps System.Data.SqlClient and demonstrates the new functionality an ADO.NET Provider needs to implement in order to support the…


EntityDataSource’s flattening of complex type properties

I explained a few days ago the rules of wrapping in this blog post. But why do we wrap after all? Julie asked for some details today in the forums. I think the answer is worth of a blog post. In ASP.NET there are different ways of specifying which property a databound control binds to:…


Entity Framework Extensions Project Update

Just a couple of links: Colin posted a refresh today today that is compatible with .NET 3.5 SP1 Beta and includes some optimizations for the materializer using dynamic methods. Here is his post about it.


EntityDataSource: To wrap or not to wrap

Note: Somehow the <TEntity> generic argument had disappeared from the extension method definition. I am fixing it today after several months. Sorry for the inconvenience! Fresh from the forums today: A customer asks how to get the real entity object in the RowDataBound event of a GridView. We made some complex design decisions during the development…


New EntityDataSource Control for ASP.NET

As it was announced today, the EntityDataSource is now part of Entity Framework, and a first beta version of it is available in .NET 3.5 SP1 Beta 1 and Visual Studio SP1 Beta 1. I have meant to answer Julie’s post "Thinking about the EntityDataSource" for several months. But I always thought it was risky…


Lazy loading in Entity Framework

Recently, I wrote this little article that got published in the new Insights sidebar in MSDN Magazine. In it, I mention one of the fundamental tenets of ADO.NET:  *Network roundtrips should not be hidden from the developer* But guess what… It is not always the case that there is a network (or even a process…