Sending Appointments from EWS Apps: Where did my HTML go???

  Update: As on 25th May 2012, Roll Up 3 for Exchange Server 2010 SP2 addresses this issue. You can install this update from: You can read a description of the issue here: _____________________________ Disclaimer: The contents of this article stand true at the time of writing it, which is on the 18th…


CreateItemFromTemplate()… Importing MSG’s… Where did my UserProperties go?

  A known behavior of Outlook and the Object Model (documented in this KB) is that if you import an Outlook item into your mailbox or a PST from an MSG file, either by dragging and dropping, or through the CreateItemFromTemplate() (documentation) OOM call, it’s pretty much a known fact that you would find the…

Outlook Ribbon woes on performing “Send As E-Mail” via other Office 2010 Apps

  When we introduced ribbons  in various Office applications with Office 2007 (and expanded it further in 2010), we also brought to you a quick and easy GUI tool, called the Ribbon Designer, to help you design your custom ribbons via Visual Studio, in a manner in which WYSIWYG. Unfortunately, come Office 2010, as far…


Automating execution of built-in Exchange 2010 PS1 Scripts through .NET

  Through the magic of Powershell automation that was introduced for Exchange Management, it so happens that Exchange 2007 and 2010 come with quite a few built-in scripts that attempt to make your life easier, (not to forget all the custom scripts that you could write yourself, to automate tasks that are frequent to you)….